Heart in the Night by Karen Bishop

Heart in the Night

by Karen Bishop

172 pages
How and why we experience loss during the End Times.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
As the old world departs, a new world arrives...

Countless prophesies have predicted the arrival of the End Times, but no one could know how these times would unfold. Karen Bishop guides you seamlessly through this process, from climatic changes to Earth changes and a myriad of personal changes. You will learn about heart-opening symptoms that many are experiencing, ways to receive guidance during the End Times, and details of the higher-level ascension plan. Find out why we need to lose so much in our lives from people, to residences, to jobs (and how we are eventually reborn), how the children play a large role in the process, how to recognize the new loving energy that surrounds and protects us, and what is in store for the planet in the near future.

As you follow the story of Laura, our fictional character, along with stories of others, you will come to see that everything is in divine and perfect order within a very divine plan. With an extensive section on following the signs, you will also come to see your own personal niche. With a special section for highly sensitive people, Heart in the Night is a manual for the End Times bringing comfort and clarity to all who open its pages.


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About the Author
Karen Bishop Karen Bishop had been a spiritual writer of the ascension process for over ten years. With thousands of readers across the globe, she has written countless articles and books about ascension and the End Times. This is her last book in this genre.